PhantomFlightSchool chooses DJI

PhantomFlightSchool announces intention to focus only on selling camera-drones made by DJI.

We remember when we first started looking at camera drones that we were a little overwhelmed by the range of manufacturers, prices, camera choices and so on available to us. As well as the amount of quite technical stuff there was still left for us to do if we purchased some of the products on offer. Would something costing £100, or something costing more than £1,000, be right for us? Should we buy a drone made by Blade, 3DR, DJI or someone else?

It took us a number of false starts, some of them expensive, before we found exactly what we were looking for. The DJI Phantom 3. Having tried camera-drones made by other companies, we were instantly struck by the ease-of-use and construction quality of the products made by DJI. If Apple made camera-drones, this is how we think they would look. Beautiful to look at, and genuinely ready-to-fly straight out of the box, we were stunned by what DJI have achieved with the new Phantom 3.

Incorporating technologies that in April 2015 would have set you back around £3,500, and would have required a lot of leg work from you to bring together, the Phantom 3 is the complete package. With the entry level version on sale for just £899. It is the perfect complement for the professional-grade Inspire 1.

So, we have narrowed our product range, and got rid of the clutter. We only sell DJI products, because we think they are the best on the market.

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