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Beamont Collegiate Academy in partnership with PhantomFlightSchool

Sports Hall at BCA provides bad weather flying site
Sports Hall at BCA provides bad weather flying site

PhantomFlightSchool are working with Beamont Collegiate Academy to integrate the flying of camera-drones into the STEM curriculum at the school.  Rated Outstanding, the school, led in this area by Chris Hillidge, is a leading light in the field of STEM.  We were asked to support a “Coder DOJO” on 7 November by giving students a chance to fly the DJI Phantom 3.  It is amazing how a Phantom can make a big space feel very small.  Especially when in the hands of a crazed nine year old.  Four hours, 30 students, one safe Phantom.  Phew

Islands in the Stream – shot by our client and extreme rebreathing diver Vincent Farkas in the Pacific

We had the honour of selling Vincent Farkas a Phantom 3 Professional and teaching him how to fly it back in August.  He has put his DJI Phantom to good use, taking it on an incredible journey to a chain of islands in the Pacific where he was diving with Hammerheads, literally hundreds of Hammerheads, every day.  In his spare time, he captured this fantastic footage of this isolated, immaculate, place.

Latest "Ferrari" Racing Drone coming off the production line…..slowly

Racing Drone
Racing Drone

A quad of distinction. Almost ready for a test flight. Tiny with tons of power. It’s going to be insane. Yeeeahhhh :-).  This is the one we are building to tackle our latest FPV idea……..

The “Inverto-heli-revert” !!!

How to do it:

1. Boost a little height.

2. 180 roll to inverted – back off the throttle as much as you can without the motors stalling and losing control.

3. Yaw a 360 spin while inverted, enjoying the view of the world spinning upside down.

Nota bene. The world is actually rushing towards you very fast at this point, even though this is not immediately obvious in the cosseted world of your FPV goggles.

4. Roll a 180 and apply full power before impact to avoid an unintended airframe modification.

Breathe…. and… relax.

Don’t try it again. That would be pushing your luck.



DJI buys stake in Hasselblad – the company that supplies cameras to NASA

Aerial photography has met cutting edge drone technology, as DJI has announced it will take a minority stake in the Hasselblad Group.

DJI is a Chinese aerial technology company, responsible for a number of innovations in drone technology. It recently unveiled the Manifold, an embedded supercomputer for drones, and has also released plans for a future concept drone that would allow users to ‘sky paint’ at will.

Hasselblad produces high-quality professional cameras and has a history of aerial photography — some of it extreme; Hasselblad technology has been used on several NASA missions, including the first landing on the moon and several Apollo missions. Twelve Hasselblad cameras remain on the surface of the Moon.

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