GVC Course
GVC Course
GVC Course

Why get your GVC?  It used to be that you needed the previous qualification, the PfCO, to fly a drone commercially.  Happily, that meaningless differentiation, between recreational flying and commercial flying, disappeared on 1 January 2021.  After all, why is a flight more or less risky, depending on whether you are being paid to fly?

We think you should get your GVC if and only if: 

  • You plan to fly a drone for a Blue Chip client, like the BBC, SKY, Channel 4, or Knight Frank.  They won’t employ you without it
  • You want to know that you know everything about the rules and regulations, and want the badge to show you do
  • You enjoy learning, because knowing about things is interesting.  And knowing about drones is most interesting

At a Glance

Your tutors: Simon Smith, our Chief Pilot, on Zoom, and Rob Lamont, expert Drone Pilot and Intelligent Flight Mode guru, face to face.

Numbers: Maximum 8

Base Camp: Maidstone and Chester

Duration: 20 hours online; 12 hours on Zoom; 8 hours In Person including invigilated theory test and practical flight test

Skill level: Everyone wanting to have the Gold Standard CAA-recognised GVC Drone Qualification. Note that we are not an RAE.  We partner with 3iC, RAE No. 1625 and present their Course Materials as the platform for our GVC Course

Timing: Once a month

Exertion: Light

Weather:  The online materials you can study in your own time.  The two days on Zoom are not weather dependent. In the event the forecast is bad for the practical day, we will contact you to arrange another suitable date for your practical day.  The good news is, across 1,000s of lessons delivered over six years, fewer than 10% of lessons needed to be rearranged because of the weather.  Who knew?  The weather in the UK is not that bad, after all.

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