Try Before You Buy

Not sure about buying a DJI Phantom yet? Come to one of our regular Try Before You Buy events held around the country, and find out for yourself how easy it is to create aerial photography magic with the DJI Phantom 3.

CLICK on any of our TBYB locations to see when we are holding our next obligation-free Try Before You Buy day at a location near you.

Book a slot now to be sure of getting straight on, or simply turn up and we’ll give you the controls of a latest-edition DJI Phantom 3 as soon as a slot is available. The DJI Phantom 3 is capable of indoor as well as outdoor flight (yes really) so if the weather is unkind on the day, we will simply fly inside.

Once you’ve tried one, we are sure you will be hooked.  Your £25 TBYB fee is fully refundable against the purchase of a drone.

Come To Flight School

Even for the brave-hearted, flying the Phantom for the first time can feel a little daunting. I think we all remember our first time. To make it less scary, we have created a series of checklists, hints and tips on flying safely and enjoyably, for you to download. See our “Support” section for loads of stuff to help you make sure your first flight, and every flight after that, is a success.

But there is nothing like having an expert Phantom pilot at your side the first time you take off. CLICK on one of the locations here to book one of our Flight School hour-long lessons at a location near you, soon.  The £100 lesson fee is fully refundable against the purchase of a camera drone from us.

Our pilots are skilled at teaching people with all levels of flying abilities. So whether you are a complete beginner, or someone with many hours of flying under your belt, we are confident you will come away from Flight School having learned a lot.

Camera Drone Insurance

Your camera drone will almost certainly be covered for theft or accidental damage (except when it is in the air!) under your Household Contents Insurance*.

As a leisure pilot, you are unlikely to be able to secure insurance against the cost of any damage to your machine as a result of mishaps that may occur while you are flying.  That’s why you should have a lesson or two from us to make sure you don’t get in a muddle.  But you should take out Public Liability insurance, in case disaster strikes and you cause damage to other’s property or even other people or animals.  The best PL insurance for leisure fliers that we have found is offered by the BMFA (British Model Flying Association).  Simply by becoming a member of the BMFA you automatically enjoy PL insurance when flying your drone.  BMFA membership is available until the end of 2015 for just £16, and can be obtained online at

For commercial drone pilots, and those planning to become commercial drone pilots, the position is a lot more complicated.  Call Alan Proto for advice on the best insurers and policies, and how to find your way through what is a potential minefield efficiently and affordably

*We don’t claim to be experts in Household Contents Insurance, please check with your insurers to be sure your camera drone is covered.


Phantom Flying Holidays

Phantom Flight School are the acknowledged experts in camera-drone holidays. Join our expert pilots and cameramen for a holiday experience you will never forget. We offer holidays for all levels of flying experience, from beginner to expert, and in a wide range of locations, in the UK, in Europe, and further afield, year round. Each of our holiday locations has been chosen for the quality of the flying sites we can access, and includes flying in beautiful locations, flying FirstPersonView, drone racing and film editing.  Our holiday to Southern Spain in April is selling fast.  See the Spain section for more details.

Bring your own drone, or for a small extra charge fly our brand-new DJI Phantom 3Pros and Inspire 1s. Expert advice on flying, filming, and editing will be available from us throughout the holiday, ensuring that not only will this be the holiday of a lifetime, but will also provide you with expertise that will enhance all of your future drone flying and filming once you are home.