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Come on Holiday with PhantomFlightSchool

Aerial drone view of the Great Wall of China

Phantom Flying Holidays will go live September 2015. Join our expert pilots to fly in some of the most spectacular scenery on Earth.

Our Phantom Flying Holidays are aimed at camera-drone pilots of all abilities, experience, and budgets. We know first-hand how much more fun it is to fly with other like-minded people than to fly alone. And that there is nothing quite like taking off at a flying site you’ve never been to before, surrounded by the most spectacular scenery. Reviewing the footage you and others have taken that day in the evening, and then going out and doing it all again somewhere new and exciting the next day.

The CAA, and the UK, currently lead the world in establishing a pragmatic but robust legal framework for safe camera-drone flying. We whole-heartedly support the regulatory framework in the UK, and appreciate the excellent work the CAA has done in this area. But presently flying FirstPersonView, and flying beyond Visual Line of Sight, are both prohibited in the UK. For our destinations in Europe and Further Afield, we have chosen countries where the regulatory framework is more relaxed. As such, on our holidays outside the UK, we offer the opportunity to experience flying FirstPersonView, up to a mile from your take-off spot, and to try your hand at drone-racing. The biggest adrenalin rush we know of.

Call us, or use the Contact form on the website to express your interest in joining us on a Phantom Flying Holiday, and we’ll be right back in touch with you. Join a maximum of seven other camera-drone pilots for the holiday of a lifetime, in the UK, Europe and Further Afield.


PhantomFlightSchool Flying Lessons

Image of a drone fling over the sea at sunset

We are delighted to announce the launch (excuse the pun) of PhantomFlightSchool Flying Lessons, building on the popularity of our unique Try Before You Buy programme.

Our Try Before You Buy sessions take just 15 minutes and are designed to give you a brief taste of what is possible with the DJI Phantom 3. Our one-hour Flying Lessons are more immersive and comprehensive.

For a limited time: Free Flying Lesson with Every Phantom purchase.

One of our lessons will put you on the right track whatever your existing flying ability. Whether you have never flown a camera-drone before, or have many successful hours under your belt, our instructors are expert at quickly identifying your standard and tailoring the lesson to take you to the next level.

For beginners, during the lesson we introduce you to our class-leading checklist-based approach to flying safely. We explain the things to think about before, during and after each flight. And we give you the tools to fly safely and enjoyably every flight. As well as providing you with plenty of flying time, with a CAA-approved commercial camera drone pilot by your side throughout, giving you hints and tips on how to improve your flying skills, and setting you tasks to complete in-flight to build your confidence for the future.

Available from 01 June at seven locations around England: London; Cambridge; Chester; Harrogate; Manchester; Oxford; Sevenoaks.