Why come on a PhantomFlightSchool Drone Holiday?

There is no better way to enjoy flying your drone in new places, while also learning an incredible amount about how to fly, film and edit like a Pro, than by joining one of our holidays.  Always in a relaxed, fun and supportive atmosphere.

We call them a drone holiday.  Some of our clients call them an intensive residential drone training experience.  Which of these it is for you, is up to you.  Our expert commercially qualified drone pilots are on hand every time you fly, to help you in every way we can.  And there are briefings every day on Intelligent Flight Mode, UK legislation, Storyboarding, Video Editing etc.

From every trip you will come home with great video and photos, great memories, and great friends.  But more than that, you will come home with the experience and expertise to fly where you want, when you want, with confidence, and get great results, every time.  A number of clients have been on several trips with us, and tell us that they learn new things every time.

Look at the View

Have you ever looked out of the car window, seen a beautiful view, and thought “I would love to fly my drone here, but”.  Whether in the UK, or especially when you are on holiday abroad, when you look at a new place, it is natural to ask questions about whether this is somewhere it would be safe, sensible and legal to fly your drone.

On a drone holiday with PhantomFlightSchool, any such concern evaporates.  We have done the homework, found the flying sites, gained approval from those in authority, even sniffed out the best restaurant for lunch.  When we arrive on site, we’ll talk you through how we see the location from the perspective of a professional drone pilot, discuss the risks this particular site poses and how to mitigate them, and run through our “shot list” with you.

That means that when we arrive at a new flying site, all you need to think about is “What do I want to achieve with this flight.  What video and photos do I want to capture with this flight”.  The sense of freedom is palpable.

Which holiday is right for me?

We have holidays to suit drone pilots of all abilities and all levels of experience.  Our holidays range from 4 day UK Masterclasses to 7 day trips to the French Pyrenees and Spain, with prices from £995 to £1,650.  So which one is right for you?  Here is some information that we hope will help you decide.  Still not sure?  Then give us a call and we can guide you to the right holiday for you.


UK3 – 5 days£995 - £1,495No flights necessary
USA6 days£1,995InterDrone
Spain6 – 7 days£1,295 - £1,495PfCO Option
France7 days£1,495Epic flying locations
Corfu6 days£2,250Flying around yachts
Iceland5 days£2,995Its Iceland

Upgrade to a PfCO in the Sunshine

On any of our trips to Periana in Andalucia, Spain, you can choose to complete your PfCO with us while you are on holiday.  This comes at an extra cost of £100 including VAT (the cost of doing your PfCO with us in the UK is £895 including VAT).  And will require you to miss some of the free-flying sessions in order to cover the necessary theory aspects of the PfCO Course.  But otherwise, this is surely the best of both worlds.