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A2 Certificate of Competence
A2 Certificate of Competence
Cost: £ 199
Duration: 1 Day
A2 Certificate of Competence

When it became a thing, on 1 January 2021, we were not big fans of the A2 CofC (Certificate of Competence).  Certainly, if there could be a less catchy title for a Government drone course, we can’t think of it.

By radically changing the structure of the Course, we think we have made it a really useful thing for you to do.  Whereas every other training business offers this as a purely online, essentially pre-recorded video product, we do it differently.  When you sign up with us, you get the online study tools, provided by our RAE partners 3iC.  You can spend as long as you need on these.

What is different with us is you get a full day, live, in person, in a small group, with one of our expert, fully qualified Drone Pilots, at one of four locations across the UK, from Chester to Maidstone to bring everything together, and make your learning meaningful.

At a Glance

Your tutor: Initially online study tools.  Then in person with one of our expert, fully qualified, and fully insured Drone Pilots.  See Pilots page for our Pilots resumes.  Seriously, these people are all absolutely at the top of their game
Numbers: Maximum 10

Base Camp: Newcastle; Chester; Maidenhead; Maidstone

Skill level: For those wishing to know lots about the regulations, and want to fly their lightweight drone in more places

Timing: Once a month

Exertion: Light

Weather:  In the event the forecast is bad, we will contact you to arrange another suitable date for your In a Day experience, or send you a full refund.  The good news is, across 1,000s of lessons delivered over six years, fewer than 10% of lessons need to be rearranged because of the weather.  The weather in the UK is not that bad!

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What People Say

Jenny Barrett
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I had a very informative and enjoyable two hour lesson with Tony. He is extremely knowledgeable and a very patient teacher. I have rediscovered my confidence in flying and will be now be looking for opportunities to fly. I understand the drones capabilities much more fully and discovered a lot of things about the app that I was unaware of. Thanks Tony and PhantomFlightSchool. Kind regards Jenny
Phil James
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I just wanted to say a huge thanks. After trawling through loads of terrible information, misleading and confusing I read your article on the new regulations. It’s a fantastic read and really easy to understand. Thank you. Regards Phil
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Hi Simon and Alan Just wanted to say thanks for a great PfCO this week. Totally professional from start to finish and I really feel like I’ve not just acquired some new and really valuable skills but spent some time with some very capable individuals who I’m sure I will be calling on again. Thanks again chaps! Neil
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Evening Alan, Just a quick note to say how much I have enjoyed the course (even the theory!), if you could pass on my thanks to Paul and Rob for today as their knowledge was fantastic and went above in beyond in providing hints and tips for flying in the most horrendous conditions! Thanks again and hopefully see you soon on further courses. Cheers Ian
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Hi Simon, Thanks for the course, I loved it and so glad I came back to PhantomFlightSchool for the PfCO. I would never normally say this, I think I am already on your mailing lists, but if you have any other courses that may be of interest then I would definitely be up for it with time permitting. Hope to speak again soon! Regards Jon
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