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Let’s go Iconic – After Dark. Night Flying & Sky Painting
Let's go Iconic - After Dark. Night Flying & Sky Painting
Cost: £ 249
Duration: 1 Evening
Let’s go Iconic – After Dark. Night Flying & Sky Painting

Flying a drone after dark can be great fun.  It can also be a great challenge.  Bad things tend to happen even more quickly when drone flying at night.

Join us at Iconic Locations on the Northumberland Coast, in Llandudno, in Bristol, and in Colchester, for a memorable 6 hour night-flying experience with one of our most experienced, expert, fully qualified Drone Pilots.

We’ll explain what to think about, and how to prepare, for a night-flight with your drone.  Your instructor will demonstrate how to fly effectively at night, and how to capture arresting long-exposure images.  You will then have the opportunity to take to the skies, with the support of your Instructor.  Fly one of our DJI Mavic 2 Pro drones, or bring your own.  And then the grand finale.  Light painting the sky using one of our specially modified drones fitted with extra super-bright lights, to paint circles in the sky.  See the photos in the gallery for examples.

At a Glance

Your tutor: One of our Expert Drone Pilots

Numbers: Maximum 6

Base Camp: Northumberland; Llandudno; Bristol, Colchester

Duration: One evening, 6 hours, 4pm to 10pm

Skill level: No previous night-flying experience required

Timing: Monthly

Exertion: Moderate

Weather:  In the event the forecast is bad for the evening of the event, we will contact you to arrange another suitable date, or offer you a full refund.  The good news is, across 1,000s of lessons delivered over six years, fewer than 10% of lessons needed to be rearranged because of the weather.  Who knew?  The weather in the UK is not that bad, after all.

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