For those of you frustrated by the delay in the arrival of the DJI Mavic Pro, pity those who chose a GoPro Karma

Frustrated by the delay in DJI shipping the Mavic Pro?

I am sure that like me, you have been frustrated by DJIs announcement of the amazing looking DJI Mavic Pro on 18 October, only for that to be followed by a long wait for the Mavic to actually ship.  The latest news is that DJI have said they expect to be able to fulfil all orders placed by 5 November “within the next 6 – 8 weeks”.

GoPro Karma

However, this slight delay pales into insignificance beside what is happening over the fence with GoPro’s new drone, the Karma.  The Karma has already been slammed by reviewers for being bigger and heavier than the Phantom 4 (not exactly portable then), with no sensors to aid with collision avoidance, or even to keep tabs on where the ground is when coming in to land, and with a relatively short battery life of a (claimed) 18 minutes.

But it just got worse, with news overnight – sneaked out while the world’s attention was on the US Election (anyone remember “a good day to bury bad news?”) – that all 2,500 GoPro Karmas that have shipped to clients to date have had to be recalled, due to random power failures.  GoPro are issuing full refunds, with no indication as to when clients might get a replacement.  See the full story reported on TechCrunch HERE .


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