Spotlight on Drone Video
Spotlight on Drone Video
Cost: £ 199
Duration: 2 hours

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The only logical starting point for making a great video is capturing great video clips.

Quantity?  Or Quality?  We meet a lot of clients who approach the project of making a great drone video as a quantity question.  When it shouldn’t be.  The best videographers we work with do a lot of “editing in camera”.  In other words, they are careful about when they hit “Record”.  Aiming for Quality.  Because that is a much better approach than quantity.

Let’s be clear, creating an amazing video is hard.  People go to Film School to learn this stuff, after all.  This lesson is Film School on steroids.  We may not turn you into Steven Spielberg.  But we can give you tons of tips, tricks and advice that will materially improve the way you fly your drone, and the way you capture video.  Starting with the twelve things you must get right to set yourself up for success.

At a Glance

Your tutor: One of our Expert Drone Pilots who is also a professional, award-winning videographer

Numbers: Feel free to bring two friends, family or colleagues, completely free of charge

Base Camp: Northumberland; Llandudno; Askrigg; Frinton on Sea; Maidenhead

Skill level: For everyone interested in capturing great video

Timing: Two times each month in these five locations

Exertion: Light

Weather:  In the event the forecast is bad for the day of the event, we will contact you to arrange another suitable date, or offer you a full refund.  The good news is, across 1,000s of lessons delivered over six years, fewer than 10% of lessons needed to be rearranged because of the weather.  Who knew?  The weather in the UK is not that bad, after all.

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What People Say

Lindsay Farmer
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Just a BIG thank you for your time, expertise & patience today. Still buzzing - me not the drone - & can’t wait until I can fly it again with all the confidence you installed in me! I really appreciate all your help today
Howard Buckler
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Many thanks to Paul for a most enjoyable and informative lesson. I now feel ready to fly safely and legally thanks to his expert guidance. Nothing beats a hands on lesson from the experts. I highly recommend PhantomFlightSchool if you are thinking of taking up drone flying.
Adam Jones
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David, I just wanted to say thank you for the lesson today and all the information you gave us. It was worth every penny and very very useful, especially the practical flying. Definitely needed to move forward with the ideas I have for my work purposes and even for a hobby as well. Thanks a lot David and all the best. Adam.
Vanessa White
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I had a great flying lesson with Tony Jackson. Tony is highly skilled in his field and has extensive knowledge of drone operating and all the very important safety aspects. I learned more in 1 lesson that I did in flying solo for 2-3 months. I highly recommend PhantomFlightSchool. Vanessa White, Emotive Photography
Julian Swain
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My first contact with the company was Emma Pastor who is a pleasure to talk with and is amazingly efficient in all that she does. She and Simon Smith (instructor) make a great team and everything worked out so well. Simon is a very tolerant guy who instils self belief and never shouted at me even when I made the most awful mistakes. (With his drone!) Give it a go as it is a most enjoyable experience. Jules
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