Commercial Drone Flying Weekend
Commercial Drone Flying Weekend

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Commercial Drone Flying Weekend

This day is “Everything they don’t teach you on a GVC Course, but really should”. We walk the walk.  We believe we are unique in conducting large-scale, complex, multi-site drone work for commercial clients. As well as feeding everything we learn from doing that back into our drone training. 

We’ve poured everything we know from literally thousands of well paid, interesting, and often immensely challenging, commercial drone flights, into this In a Day experience.  Led exclusively by our Founder, Alan Proto.  If you want to understand commercial drone flying from the inside, this Day is for you.

Everyone else seems to want to sell you something.  The more expensive the better, it seem to us.  This Day, we guarantee, will save you money.  We don’t think the answer to making money flying drones lies in buying expensive equipment.  We think it lies in exploiting the amazing potential of all drones. Our current favourite money-maker is the DJI Mini 2.  Less than £500.  You read it here first.

Unique opportunity to ask Alan the questions about drones that you want answers to.

At a Glance

Your tutor: Alan Proto

Type: Two-days non-residential

Numbers: Maximum 6

Base Camp: Maidenhead

Skill level: Existing and Aspiring Commercial Drone Pilots

Timing: Once a month

Exertion: Light

Weather:  In the event the forecast is bad for the weekend of the event, we will contact you to arrange another suitable date, or offer you a full refund.  The good news is, across 1,000s of lessons delivered over six years, fewer than 10% of lessons needed to be rearranged because of the weather.  Who knew?  The weather in the UK is not that bad, after all.

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