Over the last two years, we have supported literally hundreds of clients through the process of getting their PfCO in order to use their drone commercially. Although the majority of the NQEs do their best, we have been underwhelmed by what most of them offer.

A PhantomFlightSchool PfCO

That is why we are delighted to announce that from May 2017, we will be delivering our own PfCO Course. This has been completely redesigned to resolve the key issues we have with the usual PfCO format being delivered by others, which are:

  1. A lot of the course material is irrelevant, so that far too much time on Ground School is taken up with, for example, learning the names of eight different types of cloud
  2. Completing the Ops Manual is time consuming, frustrating, stab-in-the-dark work
  3. Booking a flight test anywhere convenient and timely can be really hard.

I suspect that part of the problem for the NQEs is that they are overwhelmingly staffed by current commercial airline pilots and / or ex-military aviators. I have the greatest respect for these people, and the amount they know about manned aviation.  But not very many of them know very much about drones.  None of them knows as much about the practicalities of flying and filming with a drone as PhantomFlightSchool.

A Radically Better Way of Doing It

Our course is going to run over three or four days, with attendees completing a full suite of online course materials before they arrive. The first morning is spent on revision, and the Theory Test is taken at lunchtime on the first day.  This means the remainder of the time can be devoted to:

  1. Practical information that will actually help attendees to be better drone pilots (first afternoon)
  2. Practical hands-on drone flying training with our expert drone pilots (day two)
  3. Support to complete the Ops Manual there and then (day three or four)
  4. More practical flying training and Flight Test  (day three or four)
  5. We will even guide you through your CAA application at the end of the course.

This way, we are compressing what usually takes people two to three months into just three or four days.  And adding value to the experience at every step of the way.

Priced at £995 + VAT for 3 days with the option of a 4th day “Bonus Pack” for an additional £245 + VAT, which is competitive with much more basic courses being run by the competition.

Courses run at the rate of at least one per month, alternating between Chester and Maidstone.

Visit the Book your PfCO page here, and click on “Choose an Option” to see a list of all currently confirmed course locations and dates.

Our base in Tenerife is an impressive 12 bedroom villa in Playa Paraiso, with multiple sun decks, shaded verandahs, and a large swimming pool, near the Hard Rock Hotel in Costa Adeje.  The cost of the Tenerife trips includes full board and accommodation, transfers to and from Tenerife South airport, and a luxury minibus to take us to some fabulous spots to fly our drones.  The only extra cost you will face is your return airfare.

Call us now on 01244 893 872 or email info@phantomflightschool.co.uk for more information and to book your place