Accidental Damage in the home

Your camera drone will almost certainly be covered for theft or accidental damage (except when it is in the air!) under your Household Contents Insurance*.

Whilst Flying as a Leisure Pilot

logoAs a leisure pilot, you should think about getting two types of insurance: Public Liability, and Accidental Damage.  The best Public Liability insurance for leisure fliers that we have found is offered by the BMFA (British Model Flying Association).  Simply by becoming a member of the BMFA you automatically enjoy PL insurance when flying your drone.  BMFA membership is available for 2017 for just £33, and can be obtained online at

The best Accidental Damage insurance we have come across is offered by Photoguard, a well-known insurer of photographic equipment that now also insure drones. .  You will need to phone them to take out cover, on 0333 004 6555.  Cover for a Mavic Pro starts at less than £50, and for a Phantom 4 Pro at less than £75 p.a.

As a Commercial Drone Pilot

For commercial drone pilots, and those planning to become commercial drone pilots, the position is more complicated.  CoverDrone  and UAV Protect were the two original brokers in the market.  They have been joined by BESSO and by Insurance4Drones, who generally have more simplified application paperwork.  Insurance4Drones score highly in this area, as you can apply and pay for their insurance entirely online.  Generally quotes range from £600 to £1,200 per year, depending on the complexity of the projects you intend to undertake, the number of machines you will be using, and the value of the machines.  Call Alan Proto for advice on the best insurers and policies, and how to find your way through what is a potential minefield efficiently and affordably.

*We don’t claim to be experts in Household Contents Insurance, please check with your insurers to be sure your camera drone is covered.