Get More From Your Flying, and Protect Your Investment.  Have a Flying Lesson

Our Macclesfield flying lessons start in the agreeable surroundings of Glebe Farm’s excellent café, in Astbury village, off Peel Lane, Congleton CW12 4RQ with a good grounding in the theory and legal aspects of drones before venturing outside for a hands-on flying session, starting manually and then progressing to explore some of DJI’s “Intelligent Flight Modes” and getting some great views of the surrounding countryside from a totally new aerial perspective!

Our lessons are always one-to-one with one of our expert, fully PFCO-qualified and insured drone pilots to give you the best possible drone experience.  In an hour, we can help you to be a safe drone pilot.  After two hours, you will come away knowing:

  • The less well known but important features of the DJI Go App
  • What to focus on when you are flying
  • Our unique 4:4:3 methodology for flying safely and enjoyably
  • The ten most common reasons people crash, and how to avoid them
  • How to answer the crucial questions “Can I fly here” and “Should I fly here”
  • And of course, you will have done plenty of hands-on flying
  • Book a two-hour lesson and bring a friend or family member free of charge 

Flight School – Macclesfield

£120 for 1hr, £200 for 2hrs
one-to-one with one of our expert pilots

Fly Like a Pro, Film Like a Pro

We want all of our clients to be able to Fly Like a Pro, and Film Like a Pro. Having a lesson with us is the best start you can make on your drone adventure.  We all know that to learn a foreign language, you are going to need some lessons.  The same is true of drones.  DJI are right when they say that anyone can fly one of their drones straight out of the box.  But we meet very few self-taught drone pilots who fly as well, as safely, or as effectively as we can show you how to.  Whether you are a complete beginner, or a seasoned drone pilot, you will enjoy your flying far more having had a lesson; confident that you have the skills and knowledge you need to fly safely and effectively every time.  That is the crucial first step to getting the most spectacular video and still photos with your drone.  And that is the lasting joy of flying a drone.

Lessons are generally split roughly 50:50 between theory and practical, hands-on flying. This can be adapted to suit your particular interests: whether you are more interested in hands-on flying, or in understanding the DJI Go app, or knowing more about the route to becoming a Commercial Drone Pilot, for example.

During your lesson, you can fly your own drone (we support all DJI and Yuneec drones), or you can fly one of our DJI drones.

Note that drones are not waterproof. So we cannot fly in the rain.  If it looks as though it might rain on the date and time of your lesson, we will contact you a few days beforehand to reschedule your lesson.  If we cannot find an alternative date and time to suit you, we will give you a full refund.

Buy a drone worth more than £750 from us, and get a one-hour flying lesson, worth £120, free of charge.

Not sure about buying a drone? Come and fly one of our DJI drones. If you buy a drone within 30 days of having a lesson with us, we’ll deduct the £120 cost of a one-hour lesson from the price of the drone.

9 reviews for Flight School – Macclesfield

  1. Jenny Higgs

    I started my lesson with Paul today not knowing how to turn on my drone! 2 hours later I’d learnt that every good drone needs a name, how to take off, fly and land safely (essential), and how to avoid dropping into a tree (preferable). Highly recommended. Now I have a taste for flying I think some more lessons (sorry Paul, but that means you!) and then off to rediscover the world.

    • Alan Proto (store manager)

      Thank you. I am glad you felt the lesson went well.
      You have put a big smile on my face. And I am sure, on Paul’s.
      We look forward to seeing you again once you have got the hang of everything Paul showed you. We are here to help you, every step of the way, with your drone adventure.
      All the best

  2. Keith Walker

    Excellent session with Paul. I had never touched a drone before my session with Paul so everything we covered was of great interest to me. I found Paul to be extremely knowledgeable, very personable and a joy to spend time with. Paul’s enthusiasm for what he does has whetted my appetite to do more than I originally thought I wanted to do with drones. Thoroughly enjoyable and only hope I live up to Paul’s view that “you will be able to do it”!

  3. Graham Bonehill

    I had a wonderful afternoon with Paul, who made drone flying training so easy to understand and apply. His hands on training certainly works for me.
    I also found the checklist and aide memoirs in the information pack he gave me very necessary and useful.
    Overall though drone flying is fun and he made it so. I loved every minute.
    Glebe farm as a venue, particularly with the cafe, was ideal.
    As a novice, I found the 2 hour course was the right length of time for me to learn what I needed to know, although from a fun point of view I could easily have done another hour.
    Thank you Paul.

  4. John Stitt

    I loved this experience. Paul is good at explaining everything. He is very friendly, has a good sense of humour, and is easy to talk to.
    from John and Alison
    ps will be doing more flying with confidence now, thanks to PhantomFlightSchool

  5. Philip Johnson

    Excellent morning with Paul, he is very approachable, friendly and knowledgable. His easy manner makes training interesting and enjoyable.
    The course is designed to enable you to learn a system of flight that is both safe and efficient and builds confidence in your own abilities.
    The location, the facilities and the training were all first class.

  6. lauren (verified owner)

    My partner really enjoyed his lesson with Paul over the weekend. Paul is friendly, approachable and very knowledgeable. His enthusiasm for drones and teaching makes the whole experience even better.

  7. Peter Eachus (verified owner)

    I just wanted to let you know that my lesson with Paul yesterday was excellent. He was very knowledgeable and a good communicator. I learnt a great deal in the two hour session.

  8. Tim (verified owner)

    Had a good day. Good venue, nice cafe and very informative. Paul certainly knows his stuff & put together an info pack.

  9. julesswallow (verified owner)

    We had a fantastic afternoon flying. The lesson was informative, interesting and fun. My son really enjoyed it and I now feel happier knowing that he knows the rules and regulations on how and where to fly safely while still having fun. Our instructor, Paul, was happy to tailor the lesson to our needs covering the essentials and working at our speed. Many thanks.

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