What is PFS PRO Club?

Everyone who completes their PfCO with PhantomFlightSchool is automatically enrolled in PFS Pro Club.  It is our way of saying thank you for choosing PhantomFlightSchool to support you in becoming a Commercial Drone Pilot.  Being a member gives you:

  1. Lifetime support and advice on everything that PhantomFlightSchool knows about drones, including:
    1. The latest hardware
    2. The best apps
    3. New software to help you deliver more for your clients
    4. Everything to do with the legislation
  1. Twice annual get-togethers to meet other PFS Pro Club members, see the latest gear, and hear from Alan Proto and Simon Smith about the latest developments in the fast-moving world of drones
  1. The ability to rent drone equipment from PhantomFlightSchool at preferential rates. Whether you need a few extra batteries for a lengthy job, or a top-of-the line waterproof Matrice 200 with all the trimmings, we are here to help
  1. The opportunity to join our private PFS Pro Club Facebook group, to seek help and advice from your fellow Pro Club members.