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We have twelve PfCO qualified drone pilots on the team, flying commercial missions, and teaching practical drone flying skills, every day.  During 2018 we taught more than 1,000 people how to fly drones, and supported more than 4,500 drone flights.  We put everything we have learned from this deep experience of drone flying into every PfCO Course.  To give you the very best start to your commercial drone flying career possible.


Our unique Course structure includes everything you need to get your PfCO immediately you complete our Course.  During the Course we cover all this: Ground School; Theory Test; Operations Manual completion; Practical Drone Flying Training; Risk assessment and Pre-flight Planning; Insurance options; and Flight Test.  We even help you to fill out your application form to apply for your PfCO from the CAA.


  1. Jenny Higgs

    I started my lesson with Paul today not knowing how to turn on my drone! 2 hours later I’d learnt that every good drone needs a name, how to take off, fly and land safely (essential), and how to avoid dropping into a tree (preferable). Highly recommended. Now I have a taste for flying I think some more lessons (sorry Paul, but that means you!) and then off to rediscover the world.

  2. Keith Walker

    Excellent session with Paul. I had never touched a drone before my session with Paul so everything we covered was of great interest to me. I found Paul to be extremely knowledgeable, very personable and a joy to spend time with. Paul’s enthusiasm for what he does has whetted my appetite to do more than I originally thought I wanted to do with drones. Thoroughly enjoyable and only hope I live up to Paul’s view that “you will be able to do it”!

  3. Tom Walker

    Dear Simon,
    Thanks so much for all of your help and guidance. I really enjoyed the course and feel equipped to begin racking up those hours of flight time!
    Thanks so much!

  4. Carl

    Can I take this opportunity to thank you and the team for the professionalism and support you have shown me with getting me through my PFCO last week. The whole experience was first class in every sense and I would not hesitate recommending Phantom Flight School to anyone thinking of embarking on this journey.
    I will 100% be taking the masterclasses and other teachings from PFS in the near future as I take comfort that I’m being taught to a high standard and love the personal touch the classes bring.
    Best Regards

  5. Alex McIver (verified owner)

    I ordered another battery for my Mavic 2 from PhantomFlightSchool and the service was great!

  6. Stephen Russell

    Many thanks Andre for a great lesson. I am now inspired to take my drone out of hibernation and have some fun!

  7. Mandy

    I can’t believe we are coming to the end of FLAPFLAP. What am I going to do on a Tuesday? Can I say how much I have enjoyed the FLAPFLAP adventure, your company and the company of other drone enthusiasts. Apart from being a great idea during lockdown and beyond it has been a great way to spread the love of drones!
    All best wishes

  8. Graham Bonehill

    I had a wonderful afternoon with Paul, who made drone flying training so easy to understand and apply. His hands on training certainly works for me.
    I also found the checklist and aide memoirs in the information pack he gave me very necessary and useful.
    Overall though drone flying is fun and he made it so. I loved every minute.
    Glebe farm as a venue, particularly with the cafe, was ideal.
    As a novice, I found the 2 hour course was the right length of time for me to learn what I needed to know, although from a fun point of view I could easily have done another hour.
    Thank you Paul.