Why choose Phantom Flight School?

Over the last three years, we have supported literally hundreds of clients through the process of getting their PfCO, in order to use their drone commercially.

Sad to say, we were not impressed by the way most of the training entities delivering the Course seem to focus on the bit that is easy for them, namely the Theory Training and Test.  Leaving the hard parts, being the Operations Manual, Flight Training, and Flight Test, to candidates to figure out for themselves.

We found that an unacceptable number of people got “stuck” somewhere in the process having paid their money and completed Ground School.  Often for months.

So, in May 2017, in collaboration with 3iC (NQE No. 0116/1625), we launched this enhancement to their excellent PfCO Course.  With a total focus on ensuring our attendees get all the way from A to Z during the Course itself.  Whilst we cannot make promises, so far that is exactly what we have achieved on every Course we have run.

We take 3iC’s Online PfCO students further, with the provision of enhanced Ops manual, Operations and Flying Training workshops etc. This culminates in a 3iC recommendation to the CAA for the award of a PfCO.

A Radically Better Course

With prices starting at £895 these Phantom Flight School enhanced course modules are run over 3 or 4 days (five days for overseas Courses).  Courses alternate monthly between Chester and Maidstone, with courses also available as part of our Spain tours (£1,950 + VAT including full board and accommodation).

Within the fee, attendees complete the full suite of 3iC PfCO online course materials before they arrive. The first day is spent on theory revision with 3iC instructors, with the required Theory Test being taken that afternoon.  This means that the remainder of the time can be devoted to:

  1. Practical information that will help attendees to be better commercial drone pilots
  2. Practical hands-on drone flying training with our expert drone pilots
  3. Support to complete the 3iC Ops Manual template there and then
  4. More practical flying training followed by a 3iC Flight Assessment
  5. We will even take you through exactly what is required for the CAA’s online PfCO application process.

This way, we are compressing what usually takes people two to three months into just three days.  And adding value to the experience at every step of the way.

Specifically, on a PhantomFlightSchool PfCO Course, you get everything you need to immediately submit your application to the CAA including:

  1. Practical Flight Training
  2. Ground School
  3. Ops Manual
  4. Theory Test
  5. Flight Test

Uniquely, what you also get are:

 Real Life Case Studies

  1. How much to charge
  2. The Right Kit for the Job
  3. The Right Apps to Help You
  4. How to Plan and Risk Assess any Mission
  5. Ongoing Support and Advice from our Drone Experts to help you make a success of your Commercial Operations.
  6. Optional Day 4 Bonus Pack including: Intelligent Flight Mode Training, Drone Deploy Demonstration, Night Ops Training, Bonus Pack and additional practical flying (all for only an extra £100 including VAT)

We have DJI Spark and Tello drones for flying indoors, and a waterproof Matrice 200 for flying in all weather.  So rain will not stop play.

Maximum Eight students on each Course

Because of the amount of one-to-one time we spend with each student during the Course, answering questions specific to their situation, and making sure their flying skills are the best they can be, we limit each Course to a maximum of eight students.  Far fewer than many other training entities.

Our Instructors are Different Too

We are not commercial airline pilots.  Nor are we ex-military aviators.  What we all are is drone pilots.  Day in, day out, we teach people how to fly and film using drones.  As well as regularly undertaking commercial drone work of our own.  Each of us has hundreds of hours flying drones under our belts.

So when you ask a question of us during your Course, you can expect a clear, concise, black and white answer, based on our real-world drone flying experience.  This is very different from what we have seen from other training entities, where commercial or military aviators with little (sometimes no) drone experience struggle to answer questions from a practical, real-world perspective.

We know how to fly safely and effectively:

On every PfCO Course we will pass on to you what we have learned about how to fly safely and effectively.  Above all, we believe in keeping the flying simple.  So that you can focus on the important bit, which is what you are doing with the camera.  After all, no-one will ever pay you to FLY the drone.  They pay you to FILM with the drone.

Bonus: Access to all of our drone kit at preferential hire rates

As a PhantomFlightSchool PfCO pilot, we know you are good at what you do.  So we offer special discounts to pilots who have completed our PfCO Course when it comes to renting equipment.  At the moment, we can rent you:

  • Batteries for every type of drone
  • A spare drone if a particular job requires full redundancy
  • A top of the range waterproof, electro-magnetically shielded Matrice 200 with the X4S or XT (thermal camera) for high-end and / or complex inspection and filming work.

Still have questions?

We are sure you will have.

Choosing the right training entity to deliver your PfCO Course is one of the biggest decisions you will make on the road to being a PfCO qualified commercial drone pilot.

Call us on 01244 893 872, any time, and we’ll be glad to help.