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  1. Niall Elmer

    Had a lesson with David, really nice guy and taught me a lot.

  2. darren

    excellent, highly informative….use these guys

  3. Rebecca Noakes

    I just wanted to say a massive thank you to David and Emma for getting me started (and now hooked) on drones.
    From the start my experience of PhantomFlightSchool has been friendly, helpful and professional.
    My lesson today was in much the same vein and David was an absolute legend – I was not very prepared but he dealt with it with patience and kindness. He also went above and beyond working around the weather (and a torrential downpour!) and making sure I got to try my equipment out. I’m more than happy to recommend Phantom Flight School and David Stewart to anyone interested in learning to fly a drone.
    Thanks again Emma and especially David. I look forward to doing the GVC course as the next step.
    All the best,

  4. Adam Jones

    David, I just wanted to say thank you for the lesson today and all the information you gave us. It was worth every penny and very very useful, especially the practical flying.
    Definitely needed to move forward with the ideas I have for my work purposes and even for a hobby as well. Thanks a lot David and all the best.

  5. Phil James

    I just wanted to say a huge thanks. After trawling through loads of terrible information, misleading and confusing I read your article on the new regulations. It’s a fantastic read and really easy to understand. Thank you. Regards Phil

  6. Steve Francis

    Hi Alan, Simon, Stewart

    Thank your for the great PFCO course held November 2020 . It was a great experience and enjoyed every moment of the course. You and you team are full of information from the start of my drone experience right up to the PFCO course you have all been there to help and support me with anything. Thank you to Simon and Stewart for the flight day and night flying it was a great experience. Best give Emma a shout out for all her hard work with all the emails to myself over the months.
    thank you guys

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