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The key to every one of our unique Drone Holidays is meticulous research.  We have done the homework, painstakingly, ourselves.  We have visited the area, often multiple times.  Recruited the best local guides.  Gained approval from those in authority. Booked the perfect accommodation.  Even sniffed out the best restaurant for lunch.  And most importantly, found interesting, varied, spectacular, and often hidden or remote, locations from which to fly our drones.


On every one of our Drone Holidays, there is a maximum of three clients per instructor, and a maximum of six clients in total.  So each client gets personal attention and support on every flight.  Whether that be help with camera settings; with shot composition; with how to capture the best video; or how to make the best use of the Intelligent Flight Mode options. As well as help with reviewing images and video, and post-production skills in Photoshop and Lightroom in our down time.


  1. John Hudson (verified owner)

    Had a great lesson with Rob today. He made it so easy and enjoyable! Now I want a drone!!!

  2. Chris Ross

    Had a great lesson with Tony. It was great to get some good base knowledge before the practical part of the lesson. There is a lot to know and Tony took me through it in a way that made it interesting and understandable. The practical flying was great, it’s a great location. It was great to get confidence before I bought my own drone. I’d highly recommend Tony as an instructor and having a lesson.

  3. Jacqueline Neill

    My son and I had a 2 hour lesson with Gordon and we both found it very informative. We had both flown drones for a while but totally self taught. It was great to get lots of hints and tips on some of the more advanced flying techniques and features of our drones. Thoroughly recommend.

  4. Alex McIver

    Great drone and so much quieter than a Phantom 4 and the zoom feature is really useful and I’ve used it more than I thought I would!

    I’m thinking about now booking a masterclass to really get the most out of my new Mavic 2 zoom

  5. Derek Simpson

    What can I say … totally impressed with your excellent Tony Jackson.
    Having never flown a drone before EVER. I feel confident to take off safely and legally and return undamaged to a satisfactory landing.
    Top class

  6. Dave T (store manager)

    Good afternoon all,

    I just wanted to say thank you to Brendan for an amazing lesson on Saturday. I arrived as someone who had flown my drone but was unsure how to interpret what the dji Go 4 app was telling me. I left with a good understanding and a properly set up system, but most of all I left with the confidence that I can operate my aircraft properly and have a great amount of pleasure from it! It really is £200 well spent!
    Talking to Roy I am now looking at a PfCO so that I will have grandfather rights come July next year. The weekend course looks great.
    Once again, many thanks to Brendan for a great day.
    Many thanks
    Dave T

  7. John Curwen (verified owner)

    Many thanks for the certificate and the emails, much appreciated. I feel I have been very lucky in terms of finding you guys.
    The lesson was excellent and Alan was spot on in all respects, I’m extremely pleased with all aspects of the course.

  8. Mark Bishop (verified owner)

    1st lesson with Tony Jackson – really went well I felt confident and picked up a lot of info and took a lot of advice on board from a real pro / I really enjoyed my time flying – lessons are a must / will book soon again next lesson –
    Thank you for the info and support
    Super organisation good communication and follow up.