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The key to every one of our unique Drone Holidays is meticulous research.  We have done the homework, painstakingly, ourselves.  We have visited the area, often multiple times.  Recruited the best local guides.  Gained approval from those in authority. Booked the perfect accommodation.  Even sniffed out the best restaurant for lunch.  And most importantly, found interesting, varied, spectacular, and often hidden or remote, locations from which to fly our drones.


On every one of our Drone Holidays, there is a maximum of three clients per instructor, and a maximum of six clients in total.  So each client gets personal attention and support on every flight.  Whether that be help with camera settings; with shot composition; with how to capture the best video; or how to make the best use of the Intelligent Flight Mode options. As well as help with reviewing images and video, and post-production skills in Photoshop and Lightroom in our down time.


  1. Alex McIver

    Had a two-hour lesson with Simon today and it was great! He helped me to get over my fears of flying in ATTI mode. Can’t wait for my PfCO course in July!

  2. Peter Dixon

    Many thanks to Andre for my 2 hour lesson earlier this week! In spite of the weather we did everything I had hoped for and I now feel a lot more more confident in flying the drone. Excellent tutor! Best wishes

  3. Jon Le-Bon

    I’ve just spent the last three days at the Phantom Flight School in Chester taking my PfCo which I’m pleased to announce was a success, the instruction with Alan was fantastic and covered literally everything you need to know, not only was it educational but a lot of fun and on times hard work,
    Having spent the last 3 years procrastinating over which NQE to select I can honestly say I made the right choice going with the Phantom Flight School and have no hesitation recommending them.

  4. Dennis Herbert

    I thought I should contact you following the few days I spent with Paul Barker in Askrigg on the Yorkshire Dales Masterclass.

    We were very lucky with the weather since despite it raining intermittently we were able to get out on the first & second days & I managed to fly 4 batteries on each day. the third day presented us with rain all day so we went through the process of video editing & I managed to produce two 2-3 minute videos made from the footage I had taken during the first two days. All this was put to sound. Fantastic.

    On the final day we achieved my last goal – using Drone Deploy to do some 3D mapping. We did a roof survey of a warehouse nearby & processed the images using Maps Made Easy.

    I have to say that with the help & guidance of Paul I achieved all that I wanted to achieve from the sessions. My confidence in flying & knowledge of the processes involved in getting footage suitable for making short videos has increased tremendously. All in all it was a very worthwhile time spent with Paul.

    Best wishes,

  5. Goran Trapp

    Thanks Andre for a great tutorial covering all aspects from flying, photography and videoing as well as extra equipment. Made a significant difference to our confidence and abilities!

  6. William Taylor (verified owner)

    Brilliant! Great fun! I had a great lesson with Gordon Melrose near Edinburgh, he was a great teacher who was very informative and knew how to make you feel at ease and get the most from your lesson. Five star!

  7. Linda (verified owner)

    Just thought I’d drop you a line about our flight lesson – brilliant, enjoyed by all of us. Brendan was excellent, gave us lots of interesting information, answered all questions and left us all very enthusiastic and keen to learn more.
    Brendan was patient and listened, got us flying and made us smile, marvellous.
    Had a great time

  8. Bruce Edwin Mayson Evans

    Tom Thanks for the lesson. Put me at ease immediately. I managed to feel confident and relaxed with your easy manner and information style. The data and academic side was efficiently shown and passed on. I enjoyed the flying and watching how easy and professionally it can be done. The flying turned out, with Tom’s assist, to be easier than expected. 2 hours was not enough so will be back soon for more.
    Will pass on the information and enthuse others. Highly recommend a lesson or two.
    Thanks Bruce