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The key to every one of our unique Drone Holidays is meticulous research.  We have done the homework, painstakingly, ourselves.  We have visited the area, often multiple times.  Recruited the best local guides.  Gained approval from those in authority. Booked the perfect accommodation.  Even sniffed out the best restaurant for lunch.  And most importantly, found interesting, varied, spectacular, and often hidden or remote, locations from which to fly our drones.


On every one of our Drone Holidays, there is a maximum of three clients per instructor, and a maximum of six clients in total.  So each client gets personal attention and support on every flight.  Whether that be help with camera settings; with shot composition; with how to capture the best video; or how to make the best use of the Intelligent Flight Mode options. As well as help with reviewing images and video, and post-production skills in Photoshop and Lightroom in our down time.


  1. William Griffiths

    Just wanted to say thanks to Paul for a great couple of hours.
    Paul was extremely informative and knowledgeable.
    He gave me a great insight into Drone flying.
    Would highly recommend to anyone with an interest in flying Drones.

  2. Tom Cunliffe (verified owner)

    My wife and I really got a lot out of our lesson. As an instructor myself, it was a joy to be taught by Tony – very clear, informative and comprehensible. Thanks. Thanks too to Emma for her cheerful manner in booking and rebooking the lessons.

  3. Jenny Barrett

    I had a very informative and enjoyable two hour lesson with Tony. He is extremely knowledgeable and a very patient teacher. I have rediscovered my confidence in flying and will be now be looking for opportunities to fly. I understand the drones capabilities much more fully and discovered a lot of things about the app that I was unaware of. Thanks Tony and Phantom Flight School.
    Kind regards

  4. Howard Buckler (verified owner)

    Many thanks to Paul for a most enjoyable and informative lesson. I now feel ready to fly safely and legally thanks to his expert guidance. Nothing beats a hands on lesson from the experts. I highly recommend Phantom Flight School if you are thinking of taking up drone flying.

  5. Niall Elmer

    Had a lesson with David, really nice guy and taught me a lot.

  6. darren

    excellent, highly informative….use these guys

  7. Rebecca Noakes

    I just wanted to say a massive thank you to David and Emma for getting me started (and now hooked) on drones.
    From the start my experience of PhantomFlightSchool has been friendly, helpful and professional.
    My lesson today was in much the same vein and David was an absolute legend – I was not very prepared but he dealt with it with patience and kindness. He also went above and beyond working around the weather (and a torrential downpour!) and making sure I got to try my equipment out. I’m more than happy to recommend Phantom Flight School and David Stewart to anyone interested in learning to fly a drone.
    Thanks again Emma and especially David. I look forward to doing the GVC course as the next step.
    All the best,

  8. Adam Jones

    David, I just wanted to say thank you for the lesson today and all the information you gave us. It was worth every penny and very very useful, especially the practical flying.
    Definitely needed to move forward with the ideas I have for my work purposes and even for a hobby as well. Thanks a lot David and all the best.