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All About Photo and Video Post-Production
All About Photo and Video Post-Production
Cost: £ 299
Duration: 12 hrs in total
All About Photo and Video Post-Production

A wise person once said that taking a photo or recording some video is the equivalent of going to the shops, to buy eggs and flour.  Post production is where you get to make the cake.

How to fly your drone, and capture images and video is what we teach you in the earlier lessons in this series.  Turning that data into something wonderful is what we are about here.  Joining a small group live on Zoom for two hours each week for six weeks, led by one of our Expert Drone Pilots who is also a professional photographer & videographer, and a Zen-God of post-production is how to do it.

At a Glance

Your tutor: One of our Expert Drone Pilots who is also a professional photographer & videographer, and a Zen-God of post-production

Numbers: Maximum 10

Base Camp: Live on Zoom.  Wherever you are.  Wherever that is

Duration: 12 hours in total.  6 x 2 hour Zoom episodes, one per week for six weeks

Skill level: A brilliant introduction to photo and video post-production for those who are new to the field

Timing: This Course starts once every two months

Exertion: Brain power required.  Leg power not required

Cost: £250 for six episodes.  Note - you can join the 3 Photo Editing episodes for £125, or the 3 Video Editing episodes for £125

Weather:  This series is not weather dependent.  It doesn’t rain in your kitchen, we hope

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What People Say

Rebecca Noakes
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I just wanted to say a massive thank you to David and Emma for getting me started (and now hooked) on drones. From the start my experience of PhantomFlightSchool has been friendly, helpful and professional. My lesson today was in much the same vein and David was an absolute legend – I was not very prepared but he dealt with it with patience and kindness. He also went above and beyond working around the weather (and a torrential downpour!) and making sure I got to try my equipment out. I look forward to doing the GVC course as the next step.
Steve Francis
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Hi Alan, Simon, Stewart Thank your for the great PFCO course held November 2020 . It was a great experience and enjoyed every moment of the course. You and you team are full of information from the start of my drone experience right up to the PFCO course you have all been there to help and support me with anything. Thank you to Simon and Stewart for the flight day and night flying it was a great experience. Best give Emma a shout out for all her hard work with all the emails to myself over the months. thank you guys
Tony Grylls
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I don’t currently own a drone. The 2 hour lesson with Paul Barker yesterday was bought as a Christmas present. What a fabulous experience. It was an excellent introduction into all you need to know as a beginner. Paul’s relaxed approach was just right. Correct amount of technical info on the drone, its software and legislation. Lots of hands on flying, very immersive and has left me wanting more.
Jenny Higgs
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What an amazing day. I still haven’t warmed up, it was certainly a wet one! Big thanks to Simon for his zoom reaching to get us through theory test, to Paul and Rob for making sure we all got to fly and complete our tests (whilst boosting our confidence and generally just being awesome), and to Alan for being in charge of such an incredible flight school.
Stewart Clifton
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Thankfully I booked a 2 hour lesson which was excellent, and very informative. Alan gave me the confidence to operate, and position the drone to compose and capture some nice photos. I highly recommend PhantomFlightSchool. I look forward to joining the course in October.
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