Drone Registration – Is the Christmas Present we wanted….

Drone Registration in the UK

Great News for all Responsible Drone Pilots

If you own a drone, you are now legally required to register it with the CAA

Not everyone will register.  Not everyone follows the speed limit on the motorway.  But the speed signs on every road tell us where the boundary lies between legal and illegal.  For too long, too many drone pilots have felt comfortable breaking the rules, and claiming they didn’t know they were breaking them.  Making things difficult for the rest of us.  Drone registration and the knowledge quiz are like motorway speed limits.  They show every drone pilot clearly where the boundary lies.

Best of all, every drone pilot completing the Registration Process will have to tick a box to say “I have read and understand the Drone Code” and “I’ll fly safely and legally”.  Just as when wearing your seat belt was made mandatory, we may grumble a bit at the outset, but over time everyone can see that such things make life safer, and better, for all of us.

What you need to know, and what you need to do

If you own a drone, you are now legally required to register it with the CAA

Before you fly a drone, you must complete an online knowledge quiz, which you can do at the same time as registering your drone

Registration is in line with what is happening in the EU, and has already happened in the USA and Canada

Registering your drone, and completing the online knowledge quiz, will enable responsible drone pilots to show everyone that they understand and follow the rules

Since 1 December 2019 every Drone Owner / Pilot must:

  • Pass a 20 question online multiple-choice knowledge quiz
  • Register their drone at their home / business address
  • Label their drone with a unique registration number
  • Pay a Registration Fee


Registration is instant – you can fly as soon as you pass the online test

12 Police Forces across UK have appointed full time “Drone Enforcers” to crack down on illegal flying, both recreational and commercial

Every Drone Owner must register

Every Drone Pilot must pass the online safety test

EXCEPT, If you are a member of the BMFA, or of FPV UK, you do not need to register, but you do need to complete an online quiz (can be theirs)

EXCEPT If you hold a PfCO, you must still register your drone, but do not need to complete the online quiz

Please call us with any questions about registration, or anything else to do with drones.  We are here to help you every step of the way with your drone adventure

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